DIY Textured Art Kit Instructions:


Find a surface to lay out all the materials. Put on your gloves to begin creating.

Note: Things may get a little messy, but nothing water and soap can't fix!


Use the large flat putty knife to thoroughly mix the plaster until it is a creamy, smooth texture. Once mixed, use any of the putty knives to apply the plaster all over the surface of your canvases as evenly as possible - I recommend it be about 1/4" thick to avoid the possibility of cracking.

Note: The thicker you apply the plaster, the more likely cracks will occur while drying. If you do experience cracking in your art after it dries, use a paint brush to apply more plaster to fix any cracks or imperfections.

Optional: Adding a teaspoon of water while mixing your plaster will help give you a a creamier, smooth texture.


This is where you get to be creative! Use the texture comb or any palette knife to create any design you would like. Arches, squiggles, waves, flower petals, hearts, etc. If you need some inspiration of what you'd like to create, scroll through my Instagram, TikTok, or Pinterest for some inspiration!

Note: If you mess up, use the putty knife to smooth the plaster out and start over!

Step 4: DRYING

Once you've mastered your design, let your plaster completely harden for before painting! Drying time will vary on the thickness of your plaster, temperature, and humidity.

Note: The faster your pieces dry, the more likely it will cause some cracking in the plaster. I recommend letting your pieces dry for 24 hours before adding another layer of plaster or before you begin painting.


Congratulations - you've made it to the fun part! Use any of the 6 color pots to bring your art to life. Get even more creative and mix your own colors with the paint tray provided.

Note: If you'd like to use your own paint to match your decor, I recommend using any type of acrylic paint.

When you're done, tag @yourmoderndesigns on any social media channel so I can repost your amazing artwork!

Optional Step: Additional Materials

For more tools and materials to perfect your piece, check out my Amazon storefront. You'll find a variety of supplies to enhance your creative process, like gold leaf sheets, gilding adhesive, sanding paper to smooth out any rough edges of your plaster, extra texture tools, and more!